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Andro Quartet

"It is not our fault if love for emotions is dead in the individual. We took it upon ourselves, however, to provide an option and space where they can revive it again."- Andraž

Andro Quartet is a product by Canegatto, with which he offers the highest level of choir singing.The quartet mostly sings Slovenian folk and written music, but it also features folk songs from other nations and language, such as Italian, Russian, Latin and others.

The quartet with the harmonic singing offers the listener the extremely melodic journey across different lands and emotions. The magic of polyphonic singing was always the connection between the artists and the audience into harmony. Their music leaves the room deepened by harmony, which is close to every living being.

For this project Canegatto invited excellent singers with more than a decade of experience in the field of solo and choir singing at a maximum level. The first tenor is Mr. Domen Anžlovar, the second Mr. Valentin Čarman, in charge of the baritone is Andraž Gartner (Canegatto) and singing the second bass is Mr. Tomaž Marn. Together they form a unique harmony which allows an amazing experience for all who love emotional interpretation, romantic and other tales and a wide spectrum of emotions.

Dressed in the creations by Morro Sartoriale they present the Slovenian song and international choir singing with pride, and do not agree with the statement that this genre of music is extinct. They unanimously agree that there is only a lack of this music and its representatives. With the purpose to familiarise the nation with their own music, Andro Quartet offers a broad spectrum of songs to the listener. From the most demanding songs, such as Večerni ave, Sedem si rož porezala mi, Na trgu, Brodar and others, to the legendary songs, such as Nocoj pa, oh nocoj, Pleničke je prala, Domača hiša, Dobar večar luba dakle ...


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