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Canegatto &
teater IGLU

Discover the magic of top-notch improvisational theatre ...

IGLU - Improvisation Theatre of Ljubljana is one of the leading Slovenian theatres of this kind. It consists of top improvisers Peter Frankl, Juš Milčinski and Vid Sodnik. Their work is well known and well received abroad, as evidenced by numerous guest appearances and awards from several continents. As individuals, they regularly teach the art of improvisation all across the world, and together with other international groups co-design the directions and development of this remarkable theatrical direction. In addition to such activities, they primarily cultivate their school of theatre improvisation, which significantly contributes to the level of relaxed performance and group participation of individuals.

Their journey with Canegatto has been linked through theatre performances for many years, since he has been working with them as an improvisational musician. They also joined their skills in the music video for songs "A Jebiga", and "Samo Mirno Samo Dalje". The influence of IGLU Theatre is also noticeable in Canegatto's stage performances, as he improves the skills of stage improvisation under their supervision.

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