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Andraž was born on 3.10.1988. He is from Reteče near Škofja loka. The recipient of the award for the most promising author and artist at the Slovenian Pop Song Festival 2018 is a lover of theatre, music and literature.
- Amateur Theatre:
Andraž Gartner began his theatrical journey in Reteče’s cultural society KUD Janko Krmelj. He first appeared on that stage as a ten-year-old boy in the role of a jester in a play “Palčki” (Dwarves). At the time, he was a member of the children’s section of KUD Janko Krmelj called the Dudl theatre, which was also responsible for the performance of the play “Martin Napuhek” and a singspiel “Kresniček” (Firefly), the latter of which featured him as a main character. He joined the senior ensemble for the comedy “Stric v Toplicah” (Uncle at the Spa) by an unknown author, where he played a minor role of Bezimenko Kajtebrigovič. Andraž later moved to Nova Gorica, where he spent five years. There, as a part of a high school act, he acted in the play “Sinja Ptica” (The Blue Bird) in which he played a bull, the feeling of unbearableness and a boy. The play was performed on the stage of the Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica. Later he played the roles of Jimmy in an adaptation of John Osborne’s play “Look Back in Anger” and John Proctor in an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s crime drama “The Crucible”. He also played the role of Tepan in the play “Piknik na Fronti” (Picnic at the Front Line) by Marjan Bevk.   
In 2009, he was in charge of scenery at the Škofja Loka Passion Play. During the same year he played a supporting role of Marjan in Matjaž Kuralt’s comedy “Nekaj dragega in popolnoma neuporabnega” (Something Expensive and Utterly Useless), which was directed by his father Borut. Later he played the same role in the adaptation of the comedy directed by Blaž Vehar. He helped with the performance of the adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn’s “How the Other Half Loves” as a support technician. Andraž is currently playing the role of Davorin in the Afnguncar production “Bolje tič v roki kot tat na strehi” (A cock in the Hand is better than a Thief on the Roof – Slovenian wordplay with the proverb “a bird in one hand is worth two in the bush”). For his involvement in the national theatre, he credits his father, who has been working as a stage director for over twenty years.
-Improvisational Theatre
Andraž experienced improvisational theatre in the second year of high school, when he enrolled for the subject in improvisation. After discussing it with his mentor, Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva, he focused on music improvisation. As an improvising musician he, together with two classmates, co-created an improvised comedy titled “Odfuk” (Clusterfuck), which they had to retitle to “Tri na Triintrideset” (Three to the Power of Thirty-three). This project also led them to Zagreb and Sisak. He continued his high school involvement in other improv productions until his graduation. Following up on Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva’s initiative he returned for the project “Instant šov” (Instant Show), in which he still performs together with Tomaž, Vid Sodnik and Juš Milčinski. The story line of this improvisational comedy depends on the suggestions from the audience. The comedy was performed in numerous theatres in Slovenia.
As an improv musician he has been an active member of KUD France Prešeren where he is engaged in several productions, such as “Impro Maraton” (2012, 2013), “Impro Ekshibicije”(Impro Exhibitions”) in the Siti theatre, “Črtice” (Lines), “Instant šov”, etc. Together with Vid Valič he prepared an evening of improvisational comedy in collaboration with KUD KIKS. For the first time he appeared in “Impro Liga” as a member of the group called “89786866” and won third place. Occasionally he also collaborates with Kolektiv Narobov and IGLU theatre, etc.  
Andraž has been, like most artists, connected to music since childhood. He always respected Slovenian folk and written music and to this day follows the Slovenian Octet. He was one of the founders of the vocal ensemble Trio Quartet, which was a logical move based on his ambitions.
-Solo singing:
In the second year of high school, he started to learn solo singing under the mentorship of Professor Vladimir Čadež at school of music in Nova Gorica, where he graduated with honors. As a part of his graduation, he organized his first solo concert titled “An evening of Arias and Slovene Solos”. As a result of moving back to Škofja Loka, he continued his education in music at the school of music Rakovnik, under the mentorship of Professor Marjan Trček. Graduating lower level music school he tried to enroll at Academy of Music, but was not accepted. This was one of the main reasons for deciding to create his own music album.

- Trio Quartet:
Andraž is also the co-founder of the ensemble Trio Quartet. The group was founded together with two of his friends in 2006. The purpose of the group was to elevate the Slovenian folk and written music to the highest possible level and bring it closer to the youth. The group accepted another member - tenor singer Andrej Fojkar, with whom they started a very successful project, which is in a completely new light still active today.
Trio Quartet won several recognition awards for their involvement in choir singing competitions. They received most of their awards during the Slovenian presidency in the European Union. They regularly performed in Brdo near Kranj, Ljubljana Castle, across Slovenia and abroad. Despite the group’s success, Andraž left the group in 2008 but occasionally collaborated as a substitution, advisor and lyrics writer. The reason for his departure were the group’s interests, which he did not share with other members. Despite their differences, they remained good friends and occasionally still enjoy singing together. In early 2011, the group was shaken by tragedy. One of the co-founders of the ensemble, Andrej Fojkar, died in England during his vacation.    
Following the tragedy, Andraž together with the rest of Trio Quartet organized a memorial concert “Daj Dnevu Življenje” (Live your life), which was held in a sports hall Trata. Among the artists who performed at the concert were Eroika, Vlado Kreslin, Gal Gjurin, Nuška Drašček, Miha Debevc in Tomaž Rožanc, Gašper Konec, Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva and Juš Milčinski, Trio Kranjc, string orchestra Arseia, members of the Trio Quartet and others. This three-hour long, sold out concert was Andraž’s final farewell from Trio Quartet. Following the concert, he focused entirely on his on project Canegatto.
-First album:
In September 2008 Andraž unknowingly started to record his first album. The ten-track album was a five-year long journey, which carries a very interesting story. Andraž recorded the first song titled Piccolo in studio Krajnik and after being encouraged by friends continued with recording the rest of the album. At the beginning the only sounds performed by musicians was his voice, bass and piano. Now the album is complete and it can be exclaimed that all instruments heard in the songs were performed by professional musicians.
The first album features many great musicians:
Matija Krečič, Simon Krečič, Rok Nemanič, Gal Gjurin, Tadej Hrušovar, Gašper Konec… and many academicians and virtuosos in their respected fields.
The album features three collaborations. The first collaboration was done with Ema Kolenko, with whom Andraž recorded duet Il tuo giorno. The second collaboration was with the exceptional Gal Gjurin, with whom Andraž recorded a bilingual duet titled Nerazumne reči (Irrational things). The final collaboration was with Matija Krečič, with whom Andraž wrote the song Preghiera. For this song, which was significantly influenced by classical music, Matija Krečič wrote a very wholesome arrangement and contributed his signature to the album.
Tadej Hrušovar, who has a lot of experience in Italian and Slovenian music scene, collaborates as a co-producer of the album.    
The record producer was Jure Krajnik, who is also the owner of studio Krajnik in Škofja Loka, where the major part of the album was recorded. Andraž is credited for the leading role of the project and the role of the executive producer.
The album is recorded in Italian, which was done as an experiment. Even Andraž is not entirely sure why his lyrics are in Italian.  
Album was officially released on 30.9.2013 with its premiere in the Ljubljana Nebotičnik.   
In 2016 Canegatto released his second album titled “Gospod Posebne Vrste” (A Peculiar Gentleman) in the company of recognized musicians and friends from his improve circles. For the presentation of his album, he collaborated with restaurant Klementina, Evino Company and WoodStock Eyewear. This magical memory is held by the Ljubljana Castle.  

- Autorship:
Andraž also writes lyrics and arrangements. In this role, he actively collaborates with the group Balkan Boys, for which he wrote some lyrics, prepared the arrangement and organized their collaboration with Vlado Kreslin, with whom they recorded a cover of his song “Namesto Koga Roža Cveti” (Instead of whom does the Flower Bloom). He also wrote a few musical sceneries, which were used for different stage performances.  
​- Organization of events:
Andraž works also as a music event organizer. His first experience with organizing such events was his graduation concert. He organized some of Trio Quartet’s independent concerts.
In March 2012, he organized the Balkan Boys concert to promote their first album. The concert held in Ljubljana Castle was a success and was attended by a record number of spectators. His name is also found among the organizers of the memorial concert Daj Dnevu Življenje (the concert attended by the aforementioned artists), where he as a former member of the group was in charge of the program and content of the evening.
He was also in charge of the scenery at the Škofja Loka Passion Play in 2009 and 2015.
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